Critical Mix Expands OneOpinion International Panel

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Easy access to high-quality, profiled survey participants now available in Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands.

WESTPORT, CT – March 6, 2017 – Critical Mix, a global data and insights company, is excited to announce today the launch of OneOpinion® survey member panels across several major European markets.  In addition to United States, United Kingdom and Canada, OneOpinion exclusive communities are now available in Spain, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

OneOpinion was started with the goal of creating the best survey community in the world. Since then, members have completed millions of online surveys, helping businesses create new products and services and influencing the outcome of important decisions. OneOpinion offers its members the unique ability to complete surveys on any type of device or modality including web, mobile, telephone, and in-person.

“We are excited about expanding the OneOpinion brand into European markets and the opportunity to disseminate our member-first philosophy to survey takers around the world. Critical Mix remains committed to treating members with respect and transparency, and providing exceptional customer service. Our proven engagement strategies yield reliable, high-quality results for our clients,” said Keith Price, Co-CEO of Critical Mix.

Colin Turner-Kerr, Managing Director, Europe added, “We are experiencing substantial growth in our business across the United Kingdom and throughout Europe. The international expansion of OneOpinion panels in these territories will significantly strengthen our ability to reach any type of target audience anywhere in the world, giving our customers easier access to pre-identified survey participants to meet their specific requirements.”

Critical Mix will continue the expansion of OneOpinion into additional countries throughout 2017.   The combination of OneOpinion along with other Critical Mix recruitment techniques gives customers the capability to reach high-quality survey audiences across the globe.

About Critical Mix

Critical Mix provides easy access to highly-targeted global survey respondents, survey programming and data visualization services. Driven by a passion for simplifying data collection, the team at Critical Mix is personally invested in giving clients the ultimate customer service experience. Every project, no matter the size or type, is supported by a team of always-available, experienced market research practitioners who anticipate your needs and provide thoughtful customer care. Service options include a complete spectrum of high-quality data collection tools ranging from sample sources, survey programming and fielding, to report automation and data dashboards. Critical Mix is headquartered in Westport CT and operates globally. Call us at 1-800-651-8240 or email