Critical Mix Founding Member of GRBN Participant Engagement Initiative

WESTPORT, CT –  February 3, 2017 – Critical Mix, a global data and insights company, is excited to announce that they are one of the founding Silver Partners in the Global Research Business Network (GRBN) Participant Engagement Initiative. The goal of the GRBN initiative is to address the issues of participant experience, declining participation rates, and the impact these are having on data quality, the industry and clients.

“Critical Mix has always upheld a “members-first” philosophy. We continuously promote the importance of respecting and motiving our survey members with engaging surveys, fair compensation and transparent communications. We are extremely proud to sponsor this important initiative designed to help encourage more people around the world to participate in survey research.” said Jeff McKenna, Vice President, Data Analytics at Critical Mix.

For the last two years, GRBN has expressed the need for the industry to build a trust relationship with the public, and one of the ways to do that is through improving the engagement with participants. The network connects over 3,500 market research companies across six continents.

The companies involved in the GRBN Participant Initiative have determined that in addition to taking individual action to improve participant engagement, it is important to create a truly global and sector-wide initiative to create more change more quickly.

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About Critical Mix

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