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No matter who you need, we make it incredibly easy to find even the most hard-to-reach global target audiences.

Anyone, Anywhere, Anyhow

Reach any type of person, all over the world, using our validated and engaged online panels and other proven sample recruitment methods. Create and administer surveys with CMIX or connect directly with your own survey system using our API. Our rigorous sampling quality management processes guarantee data accuracy along every step of the survey process.

“Members-first” Philosophy

We know that great sample and powerful research outcomes rely on having willing and engaging survey participants. That’s why we provide our survey members with clear communications, fair compensation, exceptional member support, and engaging, user-friendly surveys. Our members give us high satisfaction ratings and are more willing to participate in surveys, leading to higher quality input and more valuable insights.


Our collaborative survey programming tool makes it easy to create engaging surveys, collect results and monitor progress in real time.

Any device, any type of questions, any length.

If you can think of it, we can program it! The locally-based programming team at Critical Mix has expertise across all types of complex survey designs and functionality. They’re trained and certified across translations, sampling, data processing, and best practices for project management and data quality control.

Flexible and Convenient Output

We understand how to program efficient surveys that result in useful data output for processing and reporting. So you can spend less time number crunching and more time analyzing results for your clients. Our service team provides everything you need for survey programming and project management, plus an industry-leading portal to manage quotas and download results in real-time.


With just a point and click, you can explore survey results and create your story in real-time.

Quick and Easy Reporting

The CMIX reporting tool makes it easier and faster to manage and analyze survey data. Its intuitive, flexible design allows you to download to Excel and Powerpoint, and publish online dashboards while projects are still in the field. Data can be provided in a variety of formats that meet your specific project needs.

Data Processing and Analytics

Critical Mix offers a wide range of data processing and reporting services that provide a quick and cost effective alternative to doing it yourself. Our services range from banner tables and open-end coding, to customized advanced analytic solutions. Whenever you might need help and guidance with any type of methodology, our team of specialized, consumer insights scientists is there for you!


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